For Best Results

Icing Down the Cooler:  Depending on how long you need your beverages or and food chilled you may want to pre-chill beverages before placing in the cooler otherwise you’ll burn through a good portion of your ice chilling them down.  If you’re in high heat conditions or want your ice to last longer you can pre-chill your beverages in the cooler by placing them in the cooler and icing them down for 30-45 minutes on the 32 can cooler and 20-30 minutes on the 18 can cooler.  Drain any melted ice and then top the cooler off with fresh ice.  

Packing your Cooler: Place cans on top of each other in columns in coolers’ iced storage area.  Place bottles upright with some facing down to maximize space.  Put ice in last & shake cooler side to side so that ice settles between cans & bottles then fill to the top with ice. 

Refrigerated Pocket Tip: Coolers’ iced storage must contain a sufficient amount of ice or ice cold water to activate refrigeration of cool dry storage pocket.  For maximum cooling of the refrigerated pocket, pack extra ice in the iced storage area adjacent to refrigerated pocket.  Place food such as sandwiches & fruit in resealable plastic bags in the refrigerated pocket.  Keep cooler in the shade when possible for longer ice retention and when in direct sunlight face refrigerated pocket away from the sun when possible for better results.  Use the dry storage pockets for items that do not need to be kept cool. 

Care and Cleaning:  Clean inside of cooler with a mild solution of soap & water.  Air dry with the lid open.  The outside of the cooler is polyester so in most cases you can wipe down the outside of the cooler with a wet cloth and dry with a clean cloth to pull the dirt out of the fabric. If heavily soiled use a fabric cleaner to remove stains.  

Notice:  DO NOT STAND ON THE ROUND COOLER/SEATS.  THEY ARE DESIGNED TO BE USED AS A SEAT NOT A STEP STOOL.  Make sure you do not leave cooler unattended around small children if there is any pooled water inside the cooler as this may become a drowning hazard.