Coolest Cooler & All Terrain Trolley


The Coolest Trolley is the ideal companion to The Coolest Cooler.   It’s lightweight yet strong holding up to 100lbs. of weight.  Its versatility allows you to use the trolley separately by placing the gear bag towards the font for use while shopping at farmers markets or street fairs.  The trolley collapses flat and the quick release hubs allow for easy removal of the wheels so you can stow it away. 

The trolley's gear bag can be positioned to the back to hold your bulky light weight items.  The the 32 Can cooler hangs on the front of the trolley and holds your beach or camp chairs & other gear in place.  

When you double stack both coolers on the trolley the set-up holds as much a large rectangular cooler but is easier to maneuver. You can use the small cooler as a separate cooler for the kids and keep the larger cooler for use with the adults.  You can also use the small cooler to store only hot goods like chicken or tamales with the large cooler devoted to beverages along with meat for the grill or sandwiches in the refrigerated side pocket. 

The trolley wont torque and twist allowing you to steer in front of you when loaded. The wheels feature high-density urethane foam so they won’t puncture.  The high axil means you can roll the full set over grass, gravel and sand. 

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